Life Counter for

Magic: The Gathering

on iPhone

Mutility is a simple, refined, and customizable MTG life counter for 1 to 4 players. Designed to be used on the gaming surface with large, beautiful life totals and tap targets, Mutility makes keeping track of life totals simple so you can focus on the game. An editable history of the current game, secondary counters, visual customizations, and more advanced options are available through a single in-app purchase.

To decrease life, tap the left side of a player’s life total; to increase, tap the right. Tap and hold to continuously increase or decrease life. 

A single in-app purchase unlocks all features of the app:

  • History: All life transactions in the current game, and at what time they occurred. Use it to settle disputes and delete mistakes.
  • Secondary counters: Add an additional counter for poison, energy, wins, or Commander.
  • Customization settings: Colors, player names, screen layout, starting life totals, and more.
  • Settings for fussy folks: Change the long press life increment, enable two-finger-tap for lifelink or extort, automatically clear the game timer when the game is reset, and allow dice roll ties.

Mutility is a free iPhone app available for iOS 9.3 and above. It is developed by me, Kevin Sliech, a fussy independent iOS developer who also blogs about it.


Check out the app preview video for Mutility below with music by The Sun and The Sea.

Check out the Mutility blog for version specific information, news and thoughts from the developer. Follow @mutility on twitter for news and support. Or @ksliech, the developer. Or both.


Mutility has no affiliation with nor is endorsed by Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro, or Magic: the Gathering. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.