So it has come to this.

It seems that I just can't talk enough about consumer electronics and personal computing, and in an effort to more fully subject the world to my thoughts on these subjects, I have created this blog. My interests in these areas are wide, but my particular interests are in:

  • Mobile computing & connectivity
    • Smartphones, tablets, laptops, carriers, etc
  • Home media 
    • Media servers, audio/video streaming, etc
  • Desktop PCs
    • Hardware, software, overclocking, issues, etc
And that is what I plan to focus this blog on. There have been many extremely exciting goings-on in the tech news recently and I have had many recent interesting experiences dealing with PC hardware and Win7 issues. That said, I have quite a bit to write about. The topics I have in mind to get started are:
  • iTunes on Windows 7: Moving and apps, libraries, and backups between machines.
  • Thoughts on Steve Job's thoughts on flash. 
  • iPad review (as if there weren't enough of these kicking around)
  • Why I'm not an Apple fan-boy even though all these topics are about Apple.
  • Personal data backup philosophies and implementations.
I have plenty on my mind, and hopefully much of it will find it's way here. Heck, maybe someone will even read it. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves though.

This is just one of the default templates with some of the colors tweaked from (and hosted by) Blogger. I prefer light on black for reading, hence the color choice; we'll see if that gets annoying. This is a pretty great host, since Blogger is a Google (!) service, and it integrates quite nicely with the rest of their services. Sad fact: It's pretty much impossible to add/edit blog posts directly on the site from an iPad, you really need to use an app. More on that later.

That's all for now, stay tuned for a meaningful post.