Some Posts in the Works for May & June 2010

Here are a few posts I'll be putting up in the near future. I suppose it's not particularly productive writing about writing about posts, but hey now, I can't sleep.

iPhone 4 Release Commentary from the Trenches
iPhone 4 release day is 6/24, and I'll be one of the crazies banging down the doors of the local mall looking to get in. It is going to be an extremely early morning, and I'm getting more fired up for it every day. I'm going to blog the crap out of the experience, as I've never waited fanboy-ishly outside an Apple store in the wee hours of the morning until now. Expect pictures of me and the other hipsters rockin' Crocs, sipping Starbucks double tall half-calf lattes, and quietly reading tech news sites on a multitude of iDevices. I'll be off-line blogging what goes down and posting later in the day.

2007 Toyota Prius - 3 Years Later
Next, this summer marks the 3 year anniversary of the purchase of my 2007 Toyota Prius. Don't you worry, I've 
hung on to every piece of data since the day I silently rolled into my driveway with it. There are three years of mileage data (both computed by the Prius and actual figures) that I've analyzed to death. I can't wait to share this stuff; it's really interesting. This post is coming in the next few weeks. 

iOS 4 Impressions
This is a pretty big week for hot and heavy iPhone action with both iOS 4 and the iPhone 4 being released. iOS 4 was released today and I updated my 3GS with it. Everything works as advertised so far; got Pandora streaming in the background, switched between apps relatively easily, installed iBooks and synced the books I have on my iPad to the phone, etc. So far so good, I'll write up my experience with it once it has been put through its paces. 

Media on the Mountain: HTPC & Streaming Music
...I often refer to my house as 'the mountain', since most of the property is on a reasonable sized hill, so don't be confused. I'm always bombarded with questions about how I put together the streaming music throughout my home, and would love to share how that goes down. This will be combined with a breakdown of my current HTPC (Home Theatre PC), and plans for expansion.