Woz on the white iPhone 4

Step 1: Watch this video. Wozniak is quite the character.

Step 2: Forget about the camera issues for a second and note that issue he brings up with the proximity sensor. I've got the same proximity sensor issue with my white replacement screen. These screens were clearly defective, were supposed to be thrown out, and ended up on the 'tubes for sale. 

Step 3: Richard Lai had a great post today on Engadget about searching for real white iPhone parts abroad. Unfortunately, it's clear that there are quite a few knock-off parts floating around in the channel. The issues I am seeing could be because this is a knock-off, or because it was a defective Apple part. My money is on a defect, as my screen looks just like Rich's original which came directly from Apple. 

Now that you've completed all these steps, you still don't know all that much more about the white iPhone. Hey, it's still interesting.