Transition Complete, but Google Drive is Buggy as Hell

Google Drive finished uploading the 60ish GB of data to its servers and after verifying that all my stuff was there, cancelled and uninstalled Mozy from my computer. I felt it was important to show the super creepy images you're confronted with during each of these steps:


Anyway, back to Google Drive. Since it finished uploading, the application crashes every time I boot into Windows, after a few minutes of 'Scanning web...'.

I tried re-opening it, rebooting, etc and nothing worked. OK fine, I'll bite. Let's disconnect.

Agh, well they certainly don't mean I have to re-download all my files right? There's no way. THERE'S NO WAY.

After disconnecting, you need to sign in again and are forced to choose a new, empty Google Drive folder. I tried to outsmart it two different ways to have it use the old folder, hopefully bypassing the go-redownload-everything-like-a-chump issue:
  • First I let it put a new Google Drive folder in its default location, then changed it to the old one. Nope, 'This is not your original Google Drive folder, please select the original folder.'
  • Next, I closed out of the Google Drive and Dropbox applications, then renamed the original folder to a temporary name (had to kill two googlecrashhandler.exe's to allow manipulation of this folder, FYI). Then I re-opened the Google Drive application, made a fresh folder with the correct name in its desired location, then simply dumped all the old stuff in the new one. This seemed to work.
But no, it didn't. After gazing into the cloud for a while, it created a new folder structure within the folder mirroring the existing one, just with a (1) after each folder name. Now it's re-downloading everything into these folders, all 60GB of it. Presumably I'll be able to go into the web app and remove all the (1)'s later and it will update the folder structure. 

Terrifyingly, it has green "I'M SYNCED BRO" check marks on the folders with the lovely (1)'s that haven't synced, and blue "I'M SYNCING BRO" check marks on the original folders, which are already synced. It looks like it's going to make two copies of everything, which makes absolutely no sense. On the web, the folders appear without the (1) - there is only one copy of everything.

For now I've pulled my original data out and into a backup folder to make sure it doesn't screw anything up.  This just goes to show how immature this service is compared to Dropbox, which would never have this problem. They really need to work on their algorithms so they're not needlessly moving around GBs of data. Luckily I have over 150GB of bandwidth left on my Comcast cap for the month or I'd be in trouble.

I should have left Mozy on for another month of overlap, this thing is making me nervous...