Update: iOS 6 Maps Still Can't Find My Starbucks

I complained and submitted corrections back when iOS 6 came out that Apple's built in maps application was incorrectly placing my local Starbucks on its maps, preventing Passbook from popping up automatically when I arrive to make a withdrawal  Whelp, it's been about 5 months and they haven't corrected this issue. Google, however, in their native maps application that came out since my last writing, has improved since I last checked with the web app and finds it correctly every time.

Although many of the major issues with Apple's maps have been fixed, it's clear that many less frequented areas haven't got much attention yet. 

Apple maps still has it wrong, whether I search for the exact address or just Starbucks in general.

Googles native iOS app locates it correctly by either a general search for Starbucks or typing in the address directly.