Gruber's take on Google Glass

This is John Gruber's hilariously profane take on Google's Sergey Brin discussing Google Glass, while wearing one, at a recent TED talk. I love the title: "Sergey Brin, With a Computer Strapped to His Head, Covering One of His Eyes, Tells TED Audience Smartphones Are 'Emasculating'"

Look at the fucking picture of him up there. We’re taking advice on cool from this guySeriously?
I can see the argument that dicking around with our phones in public is not cool, that we should pay more attention to our companions and surroundings, and less to our computer displays. Strapping a computer display to your face is not the answer.

I'm usually in agreement with Gruber on most things, but I think he's not giving Google Glass a fair shake. Until you strap one of these computers to your very own face, how can you really say if this makes you more or less connected to real life? Done right, this thing could be a convenient augmentation to daily life, and it's already less noticeable than most Bluetooth headsets. 

If you're interested in Google Glass, check out this great piece and the awesome video below by Josh Topolski at The Verge: