Delving Into iPhone 4 Screen Replacement Options - Complete!

Marched into the Apple store, bonded with the guy at the genious bar over release day shenanigans, administered puppy dog eyes, and was offered the standard $199 screen replacement service. Oh well, looks like it's DIY time! The cost differential is definitely not worth doing this yourself, since the savings only amounts to around $50. I just can't resist pulling this thing apart...

I've scoured the corners of the internets looking for part suppliers, and found several that supply the display assembly in both white and black. There are many more that will do the replacement for you for just a few dollars more than the parts themselves. What's the fun in that though?
  • SW-BOX iPhone 4 Parts 
    • These folks sell both black and white screen and glass assemblies for about $135, as well as various types of metal and plastic replacement covers for the back of the phone for just over $10. Since they also sell parts from the front assembly without the screen, I have my doubts that these are OEM. Actually, since they have white screens, they're definitely third party. 
    • Their about page says they're "a Chinese owned general trading and wholesale company". Never heard of them, strange part availability, sketchy.
  • Direct Fix iPhone 4 Parts
    • Significantly less sketchy looking parts supplier. Like SW-BOX they sell both black and white front display assemblies. They also sell what they're calling 'Original Glass Back Covers' in both white and black. I can't imagine they're actually getting 'original' white back glass, so this must just be more third party stuff. Black or white front screen assemblies are $139.50 after the 7% discount they're running through September.
    • These guys have a teardown video on YouTube with over 300k hits (embedded below) that was featured on Gizmodo
  • I found several other suppliers and places that would do the entire job including parts for about $150. Use the Google machine, you'll find 'em.
Here's Direct Fix's instructional video on how to replace the screen:

    You can see from the video that this is really not all that difficult of a job. From the looks of it, the hardest part is not losing any of those tiny screws. 

    I decided to purchase the parts from Direct Fix since they were by far the most linked-to and ordered-from supplier I came across. Total including shipping and a couple tools was $154. It will be arriving early next week. Oh, and FYI, I went white. Keeping the black back, you know, because I'm edgy. Definitely won't be able to bring it in for warranty work after this, that's for sure. I'm looking forward to next weeks teardown & white-ification - stay tuned!