For Sale: iPad Air - 64GB - Verizon LTE & WiFi

UPDATE - Sold!

BEHOLD: A scratch & ding free iPad Air purchased on release day just one year ago. She's led a life of comfort, living in a special padded iPad pocket in my backpack and sporting a Product Red smart cover for that badass red-on-black look. Here are the particulars:

  • Black iPad Air (2013 Model)
  • 64GB internal storage
  • Verizon LTE & WiFi
    • Note: You don't need to get Verizon service for this device if you don't want to. It's there should you want to use it. It's a $10/month add-on to hook it into your bucket of Verizon data.
    • Enabling LTE made this thing so much more usable - you'll find yourself using it a lot more when you are untethered from the shackles of WiFi.
    • Speaking of tethering, when on LTE it makes an incredible WiFi hotspot for a laptop.
  • Product Red Smart Cover

It's had no problems, is in perfect shape, and has excellent battery life. She's being sold because I can't stand to not have the latest model.

Price: $450 with the Smart Cover. I'll ship it for free.

Mathematics for deciding if it's a good deal:

  • Equivalent iPad Air model new from Apple: $619
    • Actually, they only make up to 32GB now, but this is what 64GB would cost.
  • Equivalent iPad Air 2 model from Apple: $729
  • Smart Cover cost is $39
  • Total cost new: $658
    • 32% cheaper than new.
  • Total cost for the newer model: $768
    • 42% cheaper than this years model.
  • Summary: It's a good deal. Buy it.