The Talk Show Live at WWDC 2015

John Gruber's weekly show, The Talk Show,  has been my favorite podcast for years. At WWDC 2014, I was lucky enough to attend his live show along with the ATP guys and it was the highlight of the week. Somehow, this years show managed to reach a whole new level when he somehow landed special guest Phil Schiller, SVP of Worldwide Marketing at Apple.  In an already exciting year for me, this event was incredible; the pinnacle of Apple nerd-ery.

"My guest tonight, I shit you not... is Phil Schiller"

I have to say, we had pretty baller seats for this. You can watch the full show below, and I highly recommend Marco Arment's (critically acclaimed) follow-up piece about it as well.

One of the best parts of seeing The Talk Show live, is that the entire ensemble of Apple-related bloggers and podcast hosts all congregate at one event. Last year I hunted these poor guys down like animals at Moscone and in the streets of SF, culminating in this thank you post complete with all sorts of selfies. This year was no different, but I was able to efficiently acquire all the selfies in within about a 10 foot radius.

Thanks for the podcasts, gents.  Keep it up.

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • C A S... E Y L... I S S. That's Casey Liss
  • Song-a-Day Man, Jonathan Mann - This guy has been pumping out an original song every day for years. My favorite is the ATP them song, which is always stuck in my head.
  • John Siracusa, a man who needs no introduction.
  • Marco Arment - Creator of Nursing Clock and other, less noteworthy things.
  • John Gruber and duck face photo-bomber bro.
  • _DavidSmith, purveyor of the fine t-shirt I'm wearing and one of the most prolific and talented iOS developers in the business. 

All of these photos were shot on iPhone 6 Plus.