For Trampoline Stargazing

For New Years 2015-16, a group of my friends got together and we chartered the Imiloa, a 44' catamaran in the British Virgin Islands. The night sky was remarkably dense with stars, being completely devoid of light pollution down there. Some nights, we would lay out on the trampolines for good old fashioned after-dinner stargazing. I created this playlist one of those nights and subjected everyone to it, because nothing really spices up a good stargazing session like some solid emo tunes (and a little ZBB).

(Emo)loa playlist on Apple Music

(Emo)loa Track Listing

  1. Permanent Tourists - The Graduate [Only Every Time]
  2. Nightswimming - Dashboard Confessional [MTV2 Album Covers]
  3. Bloom - Mae [(E)vening]*
  4. She Is in the Air - Green River Ordinance [Chasing Down the Wind]
  5. Dancing Shoes - Green River Ordinance [Under Fire]
  6. Without It - Mute Math [Mute Math]*
  7. Who's Looking Out - Twin Forks [Twin Forks]
  8. Free - Zac Brown Band [The Foundation]
  9. Jolene - Zac Brown Band [The Foundation]
  10. I'm On Fire - John Mayer [Battle Studies]
  11. A World Alone - Lorde [Pure Heroine]
  12. Several Ways to Die Trying - Dashboard Confessional [A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar]
  13. Play Crack the Sky - Brand New [Deja Entendu]
  14. Casting Lines - Jack's Mannequin [People and Things]
  15. Chords - Moving Mountains [Moving Mountains]
  16. Good And Slow - Twin Forks [An Introduction To Twin Forks]*
  17. When My Days Are Done - Green River Ordinance [Chasing Down the Wind]
  18. Be Sensible - Jimmy Eat World [Chase This Light (UK Bonus Track)]*
  19. The End of an Anchor - Dashboard Confessional [Single]*
  20. Clean - Taylor Swift [1989]

* Not available on Apple Music, so they're not included in the playlist.